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On Demand Social Stories for ALL children

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ASD Books are the only social stories designed to engage each child's body and mind and unlock the neural-pathways to success!

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Recommended for all special needs children

Loved by kids

Used Worldwide

Accessible on Any Device

Teach Self Advocacy Skills

Boost Self Esteem & Autonomy 

Perfect for disengaged, hard to reach kids!

Give the gift of engagement, positivity and learning to help them become confident, more cooperative and able to achieve!


Made with these things in mind...

Kids who take things literally

Explicitly worded and illustrated 

Reasoning is explained in a simple and comprehensive manner

Easy to implement 

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Who is ASD Books?

A platform for teachers, parents, therapists & caregivers

Social Stories that engage a child's brain

Achieve Emotional, Social, Educational and Behavioural Outcomes

Simple, Easy & Tangible Results!


The stories you will read to you child are created in such a way that is simple, engaging and achievable with support that you can do simply and easily in the context of the story.


This will help your child associate instructions with their body making safe learning environments for all behavioural and educational outcomes to be achieved. 

ASD Books was founded in 2021 by mum of four, Emma Fisher as a way to help her own child succeed in school and at home.


Emma's child has autism and severe ADHD making learning anything a struggle.


Her daughter has come a long way using these social stories and with Emma helping her creating tangible results.

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