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About the Author

Emma Fisher is a 31 year old Christian author from the suburbs of South Australia. She is the author of, the alternative way to teach higher needs children important lessons in life.

Emma is a loving mother to four children Lilly, Ruby, Grace and Matthew. Emma was a church goer from a young age, but like many young Christians today she drifted from God in his early teens to chase a worldly things and tried to find herself outside of Christ. After beginning Alternative Social Stories and experiencing God’s saving grace and hand time and time again, Emma grew much closer to the Lord after her son was born, where she found God. She began attending church and was baptised and fell in love with a Godly man.

Emma was raised in a middle class family and is the youngest child of two. Her father Dave worked at Telstra  25+ years in the Adelaide, then lost work and put his hand to a few different jobs, he's started a new role working in the electrical industry. Her mother Bev was a retail office worker for years and now lovingly dedicates her time helping children at the local school and her family.

Emma Fisher has tried her hand at many stay at home businesses over the years, gaining vital skills that she would need to work for God's glory, though she didn't realise it.

In 2009 Emma first became a mother and changed from retail work, to studying then landing a job as an SSO in a school. After working with the higher needs children in the school setting Emma became pregnant and had a child who was later diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay. At this time Emma became a stay at home mum.

Emma witnessed the way higher needs children got looked upon in schools at times, got to know some amazing higher needs children and got a fresh perspective on child regulation.

After having experience with her second daughter in and out of hospital in December 2015,  Emma dedicated her time to looking after her child's health and her own mental health. She delved into science and nature, and perspective taking on a whole new level.

Since then Emma has had her two other children, Grace and Matthew. Matthew was not thriving at home and was hospitalized at a week old, where he almost lost his life being "more severely dehydrated then the Mexico babies stuck under rubble for three days" one doctor claimed. There was never a case like his in the world. No documentation, nothing.

Through the banding of prayers, God answered and not only saved his life, at 6 months old he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Today he is a health 18month old, a little delayed and unbalanced in walking but other than that you would have no idea about his life story came from a death call. Here Emma found God again, she began talking to God in a whole new way.

Not long after her son's release from hospital Emma moved house and her higher needs daughter started school where things went from awesome to bad and then to worse. Emma activated for her child relentlessly in this time getting her daughter's basic needs met in the public schooling system.

Upon a prayer Emma had said when her son was born began fruiting abundantly. Emma jokingly asked God if she could be a singer. Not famous, just have the ability. Instead God gave her lyrics and rhyme, understanding and time, experience and growth beyond her imagination. Emma, with God's grace and blessings, created Alternative Social Stories by Ms Fisher in 2021.

As a result of Emma's writings, many children have been touched all over the world.


Emma particularly remembers one day when she woke up and saw a book had sold - about the loss of a infant sibling, with immediate tears filling her eyes she felt the impact of her work hit her on her chest. God's grace is with that little person in their time of grief. What an impact that story, from that online sale from a stranger in another country, had on Emma and the value of her work.

Emma has faced physical struggles with her higher needs daughter and began writing social stories telling her how and what to do to regulate, be a good friend and how to use her body.

Emma has a calling on her life to write an "Alternative Social Story" Bible for higher needs kids, it's dedicated to her own daughter who loves holding the leather bound KJV and flicking through the pages, now she can understand the stories it holds.

Emma is a Christian woman who isn’t afraid to share her testimony boldly and stand up to courageously fight for what she believes in.

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