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Frequently Asked Questions

The Difference

ASD Books tells kids HOW to use their bodies in a positive manner, how to respect others bodies and space speaking directly to kids using tangible language informing them how to seek help and problem solve.

Ideal Readers

These are designed for higher needs children with learning difficulties and neuro-diverse children.


These have been used worldwide to benefit children who have limited understanding, comprehension and skills but can be used with younger children also.


Yes, if you are self-managed or plan managed these social stories can be covered by NDIS. 

You will need to purchase the story then with your recipt send it to your plan manager or NDIS to get reimbursed. 

Request a Story

Yes, I am able to make social stories on request. Have a topic in mind - get in contact with me with your theme, idea or need and I will whip one up for you. 

Where to Buy

You are able to purchase ASD Books:


Directly from this website.

Teachers Pay Teachers

however at additional cost because its a third party website.

Topics Covered

ASD Books covers a wide range of topics:

  • Friendship

  • Gentle body series

  • Boundaries & Safety

  • Transitions & Changes

  • Seeking Attention

  • Cooperation

  • Hygiene Issues

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Travel & Outings

  • Social Topics

  • Consequences

  • Energy!

  • Proprioception

  • Loss & Sickness

  • Family dynamics

  • Seasonal & Special Occasions


Educational Outcomes

Behavioural Outcomes

Social Outcomes

Emotional Outcomes

Fast Results

Easy Results

Simple Design


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