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Regulation Poster

Updated: 6 days ago

Understand REGULATION and why it IS needed and why it NOT A REWARD!

Does your kiddo need to self regulate?

Are they lashing out, being disruptive or worse?

Easy to use go to strategies, place the poster in front of your child and see what they need.

Yesterday I had to collect my child early from school for smacking. When I picked her up she was outside riding a scooter (Gross motor / big muscle movement)

Gross motor needs to be well equipped before fine motor activities (using a pencil etc) can occur.

Gross motor can also assist in regulation of emotion, giving the child a quick dopamine hit (feel good hormone), as well as to get their lymphatic system running smoothly (moves and gets rid of toxins that can build up under skin)

Getting out is NOT a reward, but IS a necessity for some kids.

At the same time, I know my child suffers headaches. This can look like disregulation. She won't say it, but will confirm when asked. A blanket and pillow in a quiet space helps.

Also disregulation can look like snatching and smacking, something else my girl was pulled up for yesterday. I wonder if she needed an adults attention or was trying to play with friends but forgot how to ask appropriately.

Upon arriving home, I noticed she had no carbs left in her lunchbox. She only had sultanas, cheese and scraps. She was hungry but needed to be coached to eating the next sandwich. "Take a bite or I'll have to confiscate your toy / technology" which got her what she wanted, her play phone, but also got her what she needed - carbs!

A lot goes into this work, background knowledge and understanding of more than just punishment vs reward.

A lot of the time it's deeper level, physical things that come from needing education and understanding of how the WHOLE body works, not simply looking at one element of the issue.

Has this helped you?

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